Chiropractic Confession Letters

Some practice management/consulting companies are called “practice builders.”  They give practices turn-key, “proven” methods to increase their practice volume, including embracing functional medicine.

The “Chiropractic Confession Letter” is a practice builder form letter used to market chiropractic offices.  The letter is “written” by the chiropractor and has several common components:

  1. Open with a need to “confess” to your city, (“A Chiropractor’s Confession to Las Vegas”), but first, set the record straight.
  2. Present a photo of yourself, some family and/or pet and make a joke about who is who in the picture. Say that people often recognize you and approach you based on this picture. You know, really CONNECT.
  3. Tell what life event “hooked” the you on a chiropractic career.
  4. Share positive patient experiences.
  5. CONFESS that chiropractors don’t heal anyone–they simply provide adjustments that allow the body to heal itself.

I wrote about these “confessions” in August 2016. I’m glad to announce that I have removed four practices from the following list. I’m sad to say that here are some examples of practices still using this marketing technique:

  • Dr. Jeremiah Hoopes, DC, Man with two boys (CLICK HERE)
  • Dr. Daniel VanFossen, Man with twin girls (CLICK HERE)
  • Dr. Rick Wells, Man in hat with wife and three cute children (CLICK HERE)
  • Dr. Scot Thomas Anderson, Man with dog (CLICK HERE)
  • Jeffrey D. Katlein, DC, Man with boy and Segway, (CLICK HERE)
  • Dr. John P. Bellomo, DC, Man known from radio and billboards (CLICK HERE)

Finally, while I’m not a fan of the site,  here is a parody of the chiropractor’s confession (CLICK HERE).